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Why one should Travel to Nepal?


A small landlocked country, located in South Asia, is not bound by its restricted dimensions. Extending from luscious hills to the bewitching mountains, Nepal is a traveler’s paradise. However, it is not just identified bits ice-capped landscapes. A host of ancient cities and temples blend into scenic lakes, rivers, and dense forests.

Being the only country in the world, where the elevation ranges from 60 meters to 8,000 meters, the geographical diversity is titanic. When you first enter Nepal, all roads lead to the bustling valley of Kathmandu. Subdivided into three districts – Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Patan, the valley is home to architecturally rich temples, historic palaces, exquisite art and crafts, museums and monuments.

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The Pasupatinath temple, one of the most significant Hindu temples, is the watershed in the country’s religious history. Listed under the UNESCO world heritage sites, it serves as an attraction to believers and non-believers alike, and annually houses MahaShivaratri, the most important festival to Lord Shiva’s devotees. Two pivotal Buddhist sites include Boudhanath, the holiest stupa for Buddhists, along with Swayambhunath, a religious complex. These consist of various monasteries and shrines, and also have several artifacts inside them.

Kathmandu is a medieval time capsule, which still flaunts its traditional edifices in the modern day mayhem. Durbar Squares, a testament to this statement, are glorious revelations that are surrounded with intricate structures of palaces, courtyards and temples. The three durbar squares - Basantapur, Patan and Bhaktapur, are of utmost importance and have been especially taken care of, for the preservation of its history. The palace and structures surrounding it, are embellished with elaborate wooden carved windows and the temples, quadrangles and courtyards, narrate a tale of its opulent background.

To only prospect the historical palaces of Kathmandu, does not justify the contemporary scenario, which is positioned in the narrow alleys of Thamel, a popular hub for visitors. Thamel is the ultimate nucleus of tourism in Kathmandu. It is vivid by day, and pulsating by night. The galleries of art and crafts, colors and exhilaration are magnetic to the eyes and soul. The welcoming spirit of the locals, binds you to this web of ecstasy. The charismatic blend of new and old is the silhouette of what Thamel really is. Moving on from here, welcomes you to the cosmopolitan Durbar Marg that will appeal to the sense of shoppers and onlookers alike.

connectingThere are never enough places to see here. The mix of yesterday and today, have created this sublime cocktail of contemporary Nepal. From the art of the Central hills, to the enticing wilderness of the Western jungle, the diversity of Nepal welcomes its visitors to embark on a journey like nothing else.

Connecting your holidays in Nepal with Nepal Hiking Team can make full proof arrangements so that your holiday with us results in fond memories experience of the supremacy of the mighty Himalayas, in front of your eyes. Our trained guides and porters ensure that your holidays are not just remarkable but, we provide an expansive range of choices that caters to your impulses. You will be provided with information about the local traditions, surroundings and guidance, on the trail ahead.


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